The reading hall of research library

University Library established in 1933 based on the agricultural college library. Initial fund of less than 2000 copies. Gradually, with the growth of the fund to structure scientific library, formed specialized units of acquisition, cataloging, maintenance, information and bibliography.

To date, scientific library of the University is an educational and research innovative modern center. The book fund of more than 628,000 copies of the literature in Kyrgyz, Russian and foreign languages. Fund has dissertations. Library book exchange leads with 80 universities and research institutions of the CIS.

Public reading room is designed for all types of readers and its main universal fund includes textbooks and manuals for the university, the books, statistics, reference and bibliographical aids, fund of rare Reading room of the faculty (on 20 seats). In an open-end fund of a reading room branch, actual, low-copy literature represents.

Service of readers is carried out through 3 subscriptions and 4 reading rooms on 350

Director - Abdumomunova B. Zh.


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