Human Resources Department

Head of Department  Rudenko Tanzila Sharapievna


Telephone: +996 312 54 05 62   


The main tasks of Department are: implementation of work on the selection, placement and use of personnel; formation of stable working workforce; creation of personnel reserve; organization of personnel accounting system; legal support, accounting and booking of military personnel; providing social protection and labor rights for employees; participation in the preparation of draft normative legal acts, orders and ect:ensuring compliance with the law in the activities of the University; documentation support for the activities of the University; protection of property and other legal rights and interests of the University; organization of a unified system of office work in its structural subdivisions; development of legal regulatory framework, receiving and managing the directions of incoming correspondence, receiving and keep track of storage and issuance of archrival documents-certificates,references and information maintenance of structural subdivisions of the university.

The department consists of 4 segments: personnel department, general department  archive and 2 departments.

Goals and task: proper application of normative documents;                                       

-documents flow speed;                                                                                                         

– work without errors;                   

 – consulting service;                                

– professional ethics;

Components of a HR (Human Resources Department) employee:

knowledge – information that needs to be known and used correctly; skills – application of knowledge;                                                       

motivation – willingness to put in effort;                                                       

competence -the ability to use a skill to perform work in accordance with existing legislations.