Chairman of the Academic Council of KNAU named after K. I. Skryabin rector, Nurgaziev Rysbek Zaryldykovich

Academic Secretary of KNAU named after K. I. Skryabin, 
Asanaliev Abdybek Jeksheevich


The main tasks of the Academic Council are;

  • -to consider a draft charter of the university as well as contribute to the charter amendments and (or) additions;
  • -to make a decision on the convening and procedure for holding the general meeting for the election of the rector, the Academic Council, the adoption of the collective agreement and consideration of other matters within its competence;
  • -to oversee generally compliance by employees and students of the university legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the charter and internal regulations;
  • -to decide on the establishment of structural subdivisions of the university, considers the provisions of subdivisions and major activities;
  • -to establish a business company whose activity consists in practical application (introduction) of results of intellectual work;



  • -to solve the issues of educational, educational-methodical, scientific-research and analytical work, training of staff, implementation of the international relations of the university, makes decisions on the organization of the educational process, including the timing of training in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards, approves the procedure of formation of plans of the research work, topics of the research works;
  • -to hear and approve the annual reports of the rector, heads of structural units;
  • -to examine the major issues of economic and social development of the university, use of budget and extrabudgetary funds;
  • -to take decision on academic staff to the award of academic titles of professor and associate professor as well as corresponding member and academician;
  • -to elect the deans of the faculties and heads of the departments and professors of composition in the manner prescribed by the charter and the relevant laws and regulations;
  • -to intercede about assignment of honorary titles of the Kyrgyz Republic, submission to state and departmental awards and prizes, awarded honorary titles of the university;
  • -to examine the activity of dissertation councils of the university;

The decision of the Academic Council shall enter into force upon signature by the rector.