The rector of the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K.I. Skryabin

The rector of the Universitya corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor

Nurgaziev Rysbek Zaryldykovich


68, Mederov str., 720005, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
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In detail… 

The first Vice Rector for Academic Work - Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor

Irgashev Almazbek Shukurbaevich

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Educational - methodical work of the University provides by  Education Department under the first vice rector. The structure of Education Department includes: a sector of the educational process, the sector of monitoring the students and office work, the sector to implement the principles of the Bologna process, the Center for Distance Education,vocational guidance and career center.
Department of Education does control over the implementation of directives, orders, regulations and instructions of the higher organizations, regulations, solutions of the Academic council of university and administration, orders of the rector concerning the organization and carrying out educational process. In order to integrate the international educational space the  KNAU from 2012-2013 academic years  passed in to two-level structure of higher education.

There are more than 7000 students on 31 specialties 22 directions, there are 3 directions of  master programs in an internal and correspondence form, as well as remote technology.The university has a goodeducational, scientific and industrial base, which is represented by 4research institutes, 3 teaching and experimental farm, 11 state plants, 8experimental stations and seed farms. The KNAU participates in many international projects, such as (TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, the Volkswagen Foundation (Germany), and Christensen (USA) BIOVERSITY INTERNATIONAL, JICA, DAAD, ICARDA and other). Our university partners are the universities of Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Turkey, America, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Japan, Korea, etc.

Vice Rector of Educational Work and Development of the State Language

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Professor

Batakanova S.T.


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At University educational work is directed on formation of the rural intellectuals. Work is carried out under the Committee on affairs of youth of the Kyrgyz national Agrarian University named after K.I.Skryabin. The educational work includes providing round tables, meetings with eminent persons of policy, science and culture, realization of different projects, competitions, participation in televised debates. In the structure of the Committee on Youth, there are three teams: Debate team, KVN, SIFE team. Debate team participated in 2010 in the Debate Forum (Peace Games) for professional peace building on a given topic and took second place in the country.

At this time, there is teams "MMS" - «Agro surprise» «Best of the best». 

SIFE team (Students in Free Enterprise) was founded in 2004. The team is developing internet projects, educational, commercial projects and implements them in a market economy and business. The team has won the certificate for "The best Internet the project".

At university there are circles dances, national creativity, and vocal ensemble. Members of a circle actively participate in various competitions and festivals and take prizes.

The certain students of university combining excellent study with the active public work, have been awarded scholarships of the President, also the scholarships of Professor G.A. Balyan.

Vice Rector for Science - Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor

Chortonbaev Tyrgoot Djumadievich

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Scientists and the faculty stuff of KNAU work over implementation of the State scientific and technical program: "Scientific and innovative providing Agro-industrial complex of KR" into structure enters  6 state budgetary projects, and also are kept important researches on initiative scientific subject.

124 research associates, including 24 doctors of science, 40, 60 teachers, graduate students and technicians. The scientific and methodical magazine "Bulletin of the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University", methodical instructions, manuals and monographs are regularly published.

Scientists of university and KNAU research institutes created more than 20 grades and hybrids of crops, 8 new breeds, types agricultural animals, more than 13 cars and mechanisms are developed 16 vaccines and the biological products. In 2007-2012 are taken out 10 patents and copyright certificates. For original researches and development in the field of agrarian science and techniques a number of employees became the winner of the State award of KR. There are post graduate and doctoral studies for preparation of the candidates and doctors of sciences on 30 specialties.There are 5 Dissertation Councils for masters thesis’s and doctoral dissertations.

Vice Rector for Economic Development and Infrastructure
The Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Docent

Shergaziev Uran Adievich


Tel.: +996 (312) 54 51 94 
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