The Kyrgyz Scientific Research Institute of Veterinary named after A. Duysheev




Director of the Institute, Doctor of veterinary Sciences, Senior Researcher

Abdykerimov K. A.






The Institute is one of the oldest research centers in the Republic of veterinary medicine and solve the problems of health of animals and birds, to food, biological, and environmental security. Historical path of the institute is on the 30th of the last century. Originally it was a Veterinary Bacteriological Laboratory (1927). At its base in 1940, created the Kyrgyz Research Experimental Station. In 1956, the experimental station was a part of the Kyrgyz Research Institute of Livestock and established Joint Research Institute of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine 2002. Veterinary sector became an independent Institute of veterinary medicine. In 2002-2008. - Was part of the Joint Research Institute of Livestock, Veterinary and Pastures, and from 2008 became an independent research institute of veterinary named after Arstanbek Duysheev. 

A survey of forage crops

The current structure of the institute presented seven research laboratories, the Department for International Relations and the scientific and experimental basis. The total staff of 109 people, including 65 researchers, including 6 doctors and 14 PhD.

The main directions of scientific research institute: epizootological monitoring of infectious and parasitic diseases of farm and domestic animals, design and development of biotechnology diagnostics, specific prevention and treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases  animals and birds honey bees, isolation and typing of pathogens on the basis of deep molecular biological studies using new methods of ELISA, PCR analysis of classic and real-time domestic high for constructing vaccines and diagnostic products.

Formulation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay


The staff of the laboratory of Parasitology 


Research on genome sequencing

Video documentation of PCR product


Material capture on viral infection in field conditions