The Kyrgyz Scientific Institute of Animal Industries and Pastures




Director, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor 

Kydyrmaev A. K.






Kyrgyz Research Institute of Livestock and Pasture was established in 1931 on the basis of animal production, soil and botanical section of the Kyrgyz Institute of Local History. Institute scientists are developing scientific basis to improve animal genetic resources and forage crops, 11 state breeding centers and seed farm are the experimental base of the Institute.

Institute scientists derived and tested 12 species and 25 plant lines of farm animals, 20 varieties of forage crops. Prepared and defended 33 doctoral and 215 master's theses. Annual volume introduction to agricultural production - more than 4.5 million soms.

In KIVLP realizing projects with ICARDA, ISTC, Sida, the Swiss research station Agroskop Shonzha Vadensvil, the World Bank, the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

The conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Institute


Appraisal pleumarom holds moniter Chebotaev D. V. in "Orgochor"

The meeting calving genetic resources K. R. S.