Kyrgyz Research Irrigation Institute 






Director, PhD., Senior Research Fellow

Kulov Kubanychbek Mukanbetovich








The Institute was established in 1953 on the basis of the Kyrgyz branch of the Academy of Sciences. At the Institute provides research and development on the implementation of the main problems of hydropower, land reclamation and water management. In 1973, the Institute received the status of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Integrated Automation of reclamation systems and coordination and implementation of development in the water sector in the USSR and abroad, the latest technology in irrigation, automation and remote control of drainage systems, as well as for automated process control system of water diversion and water distribution.

In 1992, the Institute was transformed into the Kyrgyz Institute of Irrigation. In the institute prepared and defended 6 doctoral and 82 master's theses. The Institute conducts research in the program: "The development of modern technology, hardware and software solutions to the problems of land reclamation, hydraulic engineering and water resources to efficient agriculture and environmental protection."

Kyrgyz Research Institute of Irrigation has 8 laboratories that conduct research on two scientific directions:

1. Land reclamation and irrigation:

Laboratory reclamation hydrogeology and water issues, laboratory and environmental reclamation of irrigated land, irrigation and laboratory soil erosion research laboratory desertification and rural poverty, the laboratory monitoring of surface water quality.

2. Technical and information support:

Laboratory software and hardware automation of water accounting and water distribution, laboratory information and mapping systems and databases, the laboratory of water supply and agricultural water supply.

Sampling topsoil on NPK Farm "kenenbai" Sokuluk district, 2008


Sampling water samples for PHA from drainage wells, village "Vostok", Alamedin district, 2010

Portable automated water control on a temporary sprinkler (Batken, 2011)