The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology



Dean - Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor

Aknazarov B. K. 






The faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnology is created on the basis of veterinary faculty which was founded in 1933 and is the age-mate of university. This faculty stood at the origins of development of the higher veterinary education and veterinary science of Kyrgyzstan.

The veterinary medicine faculty consists of 6 chairs: obstetrics and surgery, anatomy and physiology, veterinary and sanitary examination, pathology and histology, infectious and invasive diseases, internal diseases of animals, biotechnology and biology, and also Veterinary clinics and pharmacies.      


At the faculty more than 700 students enrolled in full-time and part-time courses in two fields: veterinary medicine and biotechnology. The best students of the institute held annually  foreign educational practice in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and others. In the faculty of the department works more than 10 doctors, professors and 17 associate professors and PhD senior lecturers.