The Faculty of Natural Resources Management



Dean - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Samykbaev Aman Kalkanovich



The faculty was created in 2003 on the basis of the faculty of hydromelioration founded in 1949. As a part of faculty - chair of melioration and water resources management, mountain hydrotechnical construction, land management, geodesy and cartography, ecology and environment protection, history and philosophy, the right and political science.

The faculty carries out preparation of specialists in the directions and the specialties connected with rational use of land, water resources and their protection, in use of hydro-electric resources, on geodesy and cartography, on protection and environment protection. 

The Building of the Faculty of Natural Resources Management

For conducting educational activity the faculty has unique educational and technical base for carrying out laboratory works and scientific researches.

About 70 lecturers are involved in educational process, from them 3 doctors of science, 5 professors, 21 candidates of science, 18 PhD.

Staff of faculty actively develops the international cooperation with related Higher education institutions of Russia, Germany, the USA, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, Israel, and Syria.

Students of faculty have opportunity to pass educational and work practice abroad.