The Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry




 Dean - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Karabaev Nurudin Abylaevich





The agronomy Department was established in 1938 and is the oldest University.

Most professors and teachers passed scientific and practical training in foreign countries of the world such as, the USA, France, Russia, China, Germany, Israel, Thailand, Switzerland and conduct scientific researches on pathology of infectious and noncontagious diseases of animals, and also on biotechnology.

Faculty of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and agriculture, crop and plant protection, forestry, offers  25 lecturers, including 4 doctors and professors and 8 PhD.

For preparing future engineers, agronomists and forestry department has laboratory and industrial practice base, the well-equipped functions soil agrochemical laboratory. And also laboratories on physiology and biochemistry of plants, on plant growing, laboratory and an office named after Professor G.A.Balyan on a forage production, protection and quarantine of plants (entomology and phytopathology), an office of selection and seed farming of agricultural plants, on forest, fruit crops, forestry and agriculture. Besides there are collection and forest nurseries, training farm of KNAU Students of faculty have opportunity to do practical training (6 months) in agrarian farms of Germany according to the LOGO program, before - master practice in educational farms of the German universities and to be trained in a magistracy in Germany and Sweden. Students do practical training according to the international project: "Field school of students" DAAD, ERASMUS MUNDUS.