The Engineering - Technical Faculty



Dean - Phd., Associate Professor 

Temirbekov J. T.



The engineering faculty was founded in 1952 and appears one of the first engineering faculties in the republic. The faculty has a number of laboratories with modern equipment, devices and machines and technical park automobiles.

The academic teaching works of the faculty consists of 73 lecturers including 4 doctors, professor: and 23 candidates and docents. And there are 4 doctors of science, professor, 23 PhD.

At faculty more than 1700 students enrolled on 8 specialties: mechanization agricultural, electrification and automation agricultural, vocational training (on branches), maintenance and repair of cars in agrarian and industrial complex, the organization of transportations and management on transport, the organization and traffic safety, mechanization of processing of agricultural production, health and safety in a technosphere and in the direction agroengineering.

Professor Orozaliev T. O. during the practical classes in the courtyard of the faculty