Tokmok Agro - Industrial College







 Director - Borgolov Danil Abdysadykovich 







Tokmok agricultural college was founded in 1938 as the College of Agricultural Mechanization, now referred to as the agricultural college Tokmok Kyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K. I. Scryabin.

Over the period of the college has trained more than 17,000 professionals in agriculture of the country. In college teaching staff work 31 teachers with great pedagogical and practical experience. College collaborates with universities of the republic; with the German project "Development of agricultural education in the Kyrgyz Republic" supported GTZ.

The total cycle of teachers teaching composition

The institution provides training in specialties: agricultural mechanization, electrification and automation of agriculture, technical operation, maintenance and repair of electrical and mechanical equipment, agricultural entrepreneurship, operation and automation of electrical transport (by mode), finance.

Our college today - the school that trains specialists for agriculture of the republic, the people of competitive and sought-after professionals in the labor market. This means that the college has a lot of opportunities for the future.


Jumagulova A. D. in the lesson of the kyrgyz language with students

In the laboratory, V. F. Kuznetsov in the working process with students

The main building of Tokmok Agro - Industrial College