Bishkek Agriculture Economical College named after S. Tursunov



Director, Excellence in Public Education of the Kyrgyz Republic

Omurov N. B.





Bishkek Agricultural College was founded in 1936 in Tokmok based working faculty and originally called horticultural technical school.

In 1941 he was transferred to the village. Bystrovka, the farm "Red October." In 1944 he was transferred to the city of Frunze and fruit-based station reorganized in Pishpek agricultural school with new offices: zootechnical, veterinary, field crop. In 1992, the college was renamed in Bishkek state farm. 2009 - the year selhoztehnikum renamed Bishkek Bishkek Agroeconomic college  named after  S. Tursunov.

The pedagogical staff of college consists of 36 teachers who train 700 students on internal and correspondence forms of education. The college conducts preparation on the following specialties: storage and processing of production of plant growing, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, veterinary science, economy and accounting, taxes and taxation, agronomics.

The Bishkek agroeconomic college carries out training of specialists on the basis of incomplete and full high school. Students receive the certificate about the termination of 11 classes and the diploma.


Reviewing new books in the library

Educational practice on the subject of "Horticulture"


Clinical examination of the ox in the lesson for "Feeding"

Basketball team took 1st place among students


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