History of Formation of the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University
named after K.I. Skryabin  




Skryabin Konstantin Ivanovich

major specialist in the field of helminthology and general veterinary medicine. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, Honorary academician of the Academy Science of Kyrgyz Republic 1957





The origins of the formation of our University can be traced back in the 30s of the last century, when there was a transformation of Kyrgyzstan. Despite the tumultuous political events of those years, Yusup Abdrahmanov paid a lot of attention to the establishment and development of agriculture. In that time was very hard for young republic. Sharply reduced livestock of agricultural animals, natural growth barely provided themselves. In such a situation, it became necessary to scientifically substantiated solving complex problems associated with agricultural production. We needed educated people. It became the basis for the organization of Veterinary Institute, designed to prepare highly educated professionals.

Further development of agriculture, particularly crop and livestock production, demanded an urgent solution to the issue of increasing the productivity of fields and farms, which could be solved only by scientists agronomists. So, in 1938 opened the agronomy faculty for the training of agronomists to fodder raising and in the same year veterinary Institute was renamed the Kyrgyz Agricultural Institute. The Institute has developed and improved as a scientific and educational institution. The continuous development of the national economy of the Republic demanded the training of new specialists: engineers, hydromelioration and mechanics of agriculture. In this regard, in 1949, opened the irrigation department and in 1952 created the faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture. 
Intensive development of agriculture led to the economic approach to the efficient development of agriculture. So, there is a need in the training of economists in agricultural production, the production of which is economic faculty, opened in 1970. Today the faculty of Economics and Business is the largest in the University and prepares economists, managers, marketers, auditors, financiers, bankers to the agricultural sector. 

For 80 years, passed glorious way of University. Prepared over 50 thousand highly qualified specialists for the agro-industrial complex. Among the graduates, we are very proud to call Chingiz Aitmatov – the national writer of world renown, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, academician, graduate zootechnical faculty. From among the many graduates have become the Heroes of labor, and T. Akmatov twice Hero of labor.




The prominent expert in the field of helminthology and general veterinary medicine academician Skryabin K. (left) and the chairmen of collective farms of Generakov N. and Egorov A. in the Kremlin, Moscow, 1953





Currently, the University is named after the outstanding scientist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Academy of Medical Sciences and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences K. I. Skryabin.

The University consists of seven faculties, four research institutes, 4 colleges, 1 lyceum. And also has about 400 faculty members: 46 doctors, professors, 2 academicians of National Academy of Sciences, 2 Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences, 10 honored workers of science and of education, 155 associate professors, winners of the public, the scientific and technical awards . 
The university has the status of a leading university in the national system of agricultural education is the main organization for the development of new curricula, programs and coordinates the teaching methods, the scientific research work in the field of agricultural education.

Agrarian University has a leading position in the country for the development of international relations. Our University cooperates with universities of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, USA, China, Japan and other countries.